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Leak-free liquid cooled heat sinks reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption

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CoolestDC launches highly customizable, leak free in-server liquid cooling solutions to accelerate green data center initiatives with EOS additive manufacturing technologies.

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To find an alternative to brazed and assembled cold plates that 
minimize the risk of leakage in direct-to-chip liquid cooling 
applications, in order to shrink rack density, reduce electricity cost and improve sustainability.


Using EOS DMLS technology together with a high-density 
EOS Copper CuCP process, we developed and built unibody 
leakless, gasket less and joint-free cold plates to create fully leak-free, in-server, liquid cooling solutions.


  • Leak-free unibody cold plate that can withstand water pressures of 6 bar and above.
  • Reduction in CAPEX investment as there are zero tooling costs for different server boards.
  • Freedom to design and fabricate mass customized plate thicknesses, fin densities, and locations. 



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