Industrialization of the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Using the
EOS M 300-4

How GKN Additive and EOS Combine Digitalization, Automation and the L-PBF Process

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GKN Additive, using the EOS M 300-4 system, is demonstrating how well leaner additive manufacturing is already happening and what the advantages are.

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Additive manufacturing with extensive automation in order to 
facilitate more comprehensive industrialization.


Use of digitization in the overall process through the interfaces of the EOS M 300-4, incorporating the capacity of the multi-laser 


  • Digital: The OPC UA interface of EOSCONNECT Core facilitates connectivity to monitoring and 
    business intelligence solutions
  • Automated: Deep process and software integration form the basis for extensive industrialization
  • Reliable: Few secondary processing times, and reproducible high part quality 



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