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Polymer 3D Printing: 10 Most Common Questions
Speakers: Dr. Cary Baur and Andrea Weichselbaumer

Are you considering using additive manufacturing (AM) for your polymer production?

Are you considering using additive manufacturing (AM) for your polymer production? While polymer 3D printing has been available for years, recent improvements are helping the technology move beyond product development and into production.

New capabilities are helping AM increase its foothold, not only with prototyping, but also with end-use applications. This is especially true with polymers, where several technologies and a wide variety of materials optimized for industrial 3D printing are now available. But purchasing an AM system is only the first step of your AM journey. To deliver maximum value to your business, comprehensive AM solutions also require software, processes, and expertise.

In this webinar, we will address some of the top questions related to polymer 3D printing, including:

  • What are the different technologies, and how do they differ?
  • What materials are available and how do they perform?
  • When does it make sense to use polymer 3D printing instead of other manufacturing methods?
  • What size parts can be printed, and what level of quality can be achieved?
  • Is it necessary to optimize a part’s design for AM?
  • What other tools and capabilities are essential to get from start to part?

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Our Experts

Andrea Polymer headshot

Andrea Weichselbaumer

Senior Application Specialist - Senior Training Specialist for Polymers | EOS GmbH

Andrea Weichselbaumer is a Senior Application Specialist and Senior Training Specialist for Polymers. In her role at EOS’ Additive Minds Academy, she is responsible for the conception and creation of the digital training products. Her many years of experience with additive manufacturing technology and the implementation of customer requirements are fully incorporated into the creation of the digital products.


Dr. Cary Baur

Manager of Polymer Material R&D -  Applications Development| EOS North America

Dr. Cary Baur is the Manager of Polymer Material R&D and Applications Development at EOS North America. Cary’s team works with customers to drive new market opportunities through advanced laser sintering materials and offers process and design support to meet the most challenging applications. Through new materials such as polypropylene, PEKK composites, and specialized polyamide formulas, Cary’s team is introducing new platforms to advance polymer laser sintering further into serial manufacturing.