Machine Capability Study Cross-Machine Performance

Assessing the Cross-Machine Performance of Lattice Structures

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Additive manufacturing (AM) offers truly unique design possibilities and enables the production of lightweight structures like no other manufacturing technology. Lattice structures are a key aspect of lightweight design, with customer benefits including tailor-made mechanical properties

Download the whitepaper "Machine Capability Study Cross-Machine Performance" and examine the cross-machine performance of lattice structures.

One of the many advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) is the flexibility it offers independent and decentralized supply chains. The global pandemic has increased demand for such 
supply chains, while manufacturing capabilities are a major cornerstone in ensuring sufficient supply and sustainable production on a global scale. 
This whitepaper investigates the reproducibility of lattice structures built on several EOS M 290 systems using EOS Titanium Ti64ELI. These structures play an essential role in a wide range of applications, from medical implants such as hip cups and tibial trays to heat exchangers and lightweight structures 
in aerospace

This whitepaper:

  • Examines the cross-machine performance of lattice structures built with the EOS M 290 using EOS Titanium Ti64ELI
  • Compares lattice specimens built on 3 different EOS M 290 using EOS Titanium Ti64ELI
  • Assesses the mechanical properties of lattice structures



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