Stainless Steels and Corrosion

Speaker: Antti Seppäla, EOS Finland

Stainless Steels and Corrosion in Additive Manufacturing

Have you ever wondered about the corrosion of steel? What to consider when steel parts are produced with AM technology?
If so, then let Antti, our expert on steels, give insights on:

  • Common types of corrosion
  • Corrosion testing examples
  • Corrosion and additive manufacturing
  • EOS stainless steel and corrosion

Antti Seppäla

Development Manager, Steels | EOS Finland

Antti graduated from University of Oulu in 2012 with a Masters Degree in Material Science, part of Mechanical Engineering. He joined EOS in 2015 working on the development of materials and processes for tool, stainless and engineering steels. He has been focusing on high corrosion resistance stainless steels such as 254, super duplex and cobalt-free tool steels.

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