Heat Treatment and HIP

Opportunities for 3D Printed Parts
Speakers: Jukka Simola & Topi Kosonen, EOS Finland

Heat Treatment and HIP: Opportunities for 3D Printed Parts

Curious about heat treatment, HIPping and additive manufacturing?  Confused by the many different types of heat treatment? Want to learn how HIPping can affect part properties? Then this is the session for you! Join Jukka and Topi to learn more about:

  • AM-specific microstructure and its effect on the response to heat treatment
  • Types of heat treatment and their benefits (aluminium alloys)
  • Effect of HIPping on the microstructure, static and dynamic mechanical properties
  • Novel ideas to improve results of heat treatment and/or HIPping

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Our Experts


Jukka Simola

Project Manager | EOS Finland

Jukka has an M.Sc. degree in Materials Science from the Tampere University of Technology (Finland) and is a certified PMP. He joined EOS in 2017 as an R&D Engineer for aluminum materials and process development and is currently working as a Project Manager. He is also the Chairman of the Industry Branch Group for Aluminum Products as well as Board Member of the Industry Branch Group for Heat Treatment and Forging, both part of Technology Finland.


Topi Kosonen

R&D Engineer | EOS Finland

Topi majored in Applied Materials Science at the Helsinki University of Technology where his Master’s thesis dealt with HIP and the principles of metal powder densification during HIPping. He started his career working on new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies at the Technical Research Center of Finland before joining EOS Finland Oy in 2016. Here Topi focusses on post treatment of laser melted materials – heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment and HIPping – specifically for titanium and cobalt chrome alloys.