Digital Workflow for 3D-Printed Insoles

From Idea to a High-Value Product
Speakers: Fanny Soh, Materialise, Jonas Koopmann, DyeMansion & Anekant Jain, EOS GmbH

Digital Workflow for
3D-Printed Insoles

When we talk about customizing insoles, we often relate to the needs for medical or sports purposes. With the world transforming digitally, personalized insoles are gaining popularity as consumers seek not only comfort and fit but also aesthetics and fashion trends.

Thanks to digitalization, customized insole designs can be put together and transformed into custom-fitting insoles with Additive Manufacturing solutions, enabling completely new possibilities for the diverse scope of foot soles.

Join us in this webinar and journey through the Digital Workflow for 3D printed Insoles:

  • Benefits and applications of TPU, a material commonly used for insoles
  • Create and manipulate lattice structures for design optimization
  • Customized manufacturing
  • Surface finishing and coloring

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Our Experts


Fanny Soh

Medical Application Engineer | Materialise



Anekant Jain

Field Application Engineer | EOS GmbH



Jonas Koopmann

Application Consultant | DyeMansion