Small Things Create
Big Differences

Unleash the Power of Fine Detail Resolution
3D Printing
Speakers: Sebastian Frank, EOS & Markus Schrittwieser, 1zu1

Small Things Create
Big Differences

Are you ready to unleash the power of fine detail resolution (FDR) 3D printing?

In this on-demand webinar, our customer, 1zu1, joins EOS additive manufacturing (AM) expert Sebastian Frank to discuss how to diversify your portfolio and reach unprecedented levels of design and print accuracy using fine detail resolution technology (FDR). Here are a few of the questions that are answered during the webinar:

  • How is FDR technology able to produce end-use components that are ultra-thin and highly accurate & how does it improve cost-per-part (CPP)?
  • What are the differences in capabilities and micron layer thicknesses between FDR and other selective laser sintering (SLS) technologies?
  • What design rules should be considered when leveraging FDR and what are the best practices for FDR production?
  • What industries are FDR currently being used for and where will it expand in the future?

Watch the FDR on-demand webinar now to learn more about FDR technology and the potential it holds for your part manufacturing.

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Our Experts


Sebastian Frank

Additive Manufacturing Consultant | EOS GmbH

Sebastian Frank enables customers to widen their design-horizon and successfully implement AM in their portfolio and to promote them to become an AM champion in their industry by utilizing the entire potential of AM. He supports customers & partners along the entire industrialization and qualification process from part selection, design for AM, industrialization to final part and process approval.


Markus Schrittwieser

Head of Additive Manufacturing | 1zu1

Markus Schrittwieser is fascinated by new developing technologies and is responsible for trends and innovations at 1zu1 since 2021. 1zu1 operates more than 20 industrial 3D-printers covering many different technologies with a focus on plastics. Starting in 2012 as team leader 3D-printing all additive manufacturing projects are supervised by Markus Schrittwieser, who also keeps his radar on emerging new technologies and their potential. Before joining 1zu1 he did more than 10 years of product development for mechatronic devices in use for highly precise flow measurement. Markus Schrittwieser studied mechatronics at the universtity of applied sciences in Dornbirn, followed by a Master's degree in engineering and international sales management.