Master the Challenge of Support-Free
3D Printing


Master the Challenge of Support-Free 3D Printing

Smart Fusion is the latest addition to EOS' commitment to advancing and promoting metal additive manufacturing (AM) through innovative solutions that simplify the process, save costs, and increase productivity.​ ​

Dive into the exciting world of the latest innovations in metal additive manufacturing with EOS Smart Fusion. In our webinar, we'll showcase our breakthrough process control solution which is redefining the rules for metal part manufacturing. Learn how Smart Fusion can be integrated into your manufacturing process to save time and money.​ ​

Watch now to take your additive manufacturing process to the next level.

We will answer four key messages:

  • How does Smart Fusion change your manufacturing process?
  • How can a reduction in cost per part be achieved?
  • What does the new technology change in freedom of design? 
  • Get exclusive insights from Launcher and Smith&Nephew customer projects and learn from their experiences

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Mark Morrison, Manager AM Center of Excellence | Smith & Nephew

Ankit Saharan, Senior Manager Metals Technology | EOS 


 Davy Orye, Team Manager Additive Minds Consulting, EMEA | EOS

Mirco Schöpf, Senior Manager Software | EOS

Our Partners


Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a portfolio medical technology company focused on the repair, regeneration, and replacement of soft and hard tissue. Founded in England in 1856, S&N develops and manufactures devices for orthopedics, sports medicine, and advanced wound care among other markets. Smith & Nephew has been active in additive manufacturing for more than 15 years and has had additive-manufactured devices on the market since 2009.



Launcher is an innovative commercial space company specializing in the production of space systems, including liquid rocket engines. Launcher extensively leverages additive manufacturing to produce hardware for some of the most demanding applications in the world.