High-Strength Aluminum
for 3D Printing

EOS Aluminium Al5X1
Speakers: Zaynab Mahbooba & Eero Virtanen

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A superior combination of strength, elongation, and cost compared to other aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing

Learn more about an aluminum alloy engineered specifically for additive manufacturing (AM), but at a more competitive cost than other aluminum alloys with similar strength and elongation properties. EOS Aluminum Al5X1 delivers excellent performance and material properties with a combination of high strength and elongation.

Requiring only a single-step heat treatment with no HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), organizations manufacture parts faster and at a lower total cost. Applications 3D printed using EOS Aluminum Al5X1 can also be electropolished and anodized (Type II and Type III) for both cosmetic (colored) and corrosion-resistant protective properties. There are no limits to potential color choices, which could be important to consumer-facing products

  • New innovative aluminum alloy: lightweight, high-strength, -elongation, and -corrosion resistance
  • Single-step heat treatment
  • Ideal for aviation, space, electronics, and transportation industries

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3 Key Messages We Will Answer


How did we achieve high elongation combined with high strength?


How to leverage EOS Al5X1 potential in your applications

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Get to know a corrosion resistant and anodizable Aluminium alloy?