A Disruptive Innovation of Thermal Management

Reinventing a High-Performance CPU Cooler with Additive Manufacturing

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The goal of this study was to break the 
miniaturization limit and innovate a CPU 
cooler that matches the best-in-class 
products while requiring much less space 
and material. By designing for additive 
manufacturing from the start, the typical 
restraints of conventional production 
methods were overcome.

Download the whitepaper "A Disruptive Innovation of Thermal Management" and get deep insight about reinventing a high-performance CPU cooler with 3D printing.

High heat loads limit the miniaturization of portable computers, power electronic devices and high-power LED lighting. Most ambitious technological solutions from the lab are not ready for mass production and deployment in consumer products. But industrial 3D printing, or so-called additive manufacturing, 
can bridge the gap for thermal management components and keep lossy electronics cool even when the available space is severely limited. The freedom of design provided by 3D 
printed thermal management components offers the same or 
superior effectiveness as conventionally manufactured components, but requires much less space. 

This whitepaper gives information about:

  • How to achieve excellent thermal management with restricted space
  • What becomes possible by applying additive manufacturing to CPU cooling
  • Why additive manufacturing is key for the further miniaturization of electronic devices
  • How new design freedom paves the way for radical innovations



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