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A new level of process monitoring

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If you want to learn more about Smart Fusion, we recommend taking a look at the whitepaper by Aydın Yağmur, Ilkka Pääkkönen, and Anja Miles. Discover how real-world applications are created using Smart Fusion and learn about the design guidelines that must be considered.

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Over the years, additive manufacturing has evolved from prototyping to serial production. The AM industry faces the challenge of generating increasingly complex geometries with high-quality requirements and improved throughput. EOS has taken process monitoring to a new level with Smart Fusion. Real-time images from the EOSTATE Exposure Optical Tomography (OT) Monitoring System enable the determination of optimal energy input for controlling the thermal properties of components. This makes the building process even more efficient, leading to a reduction in support structures.

This whitepaper gives answers to:

  • What the design guidelines for Smart Fusion are

  • How to qualify Smart Fusion

  • How Smart Fusion was used to produce real applications



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Smart Fusion

Advanced Process Control for Support Reduction

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