Serial Additive Manufacturing for Turbomachinery

Speakers: Ilya Fedorov, Siemens Energy | Tobias Müller, E.ON | Jens Karnapp, EOS

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Turbomachinery is indispensable for energy generation. Its high-performance parts feature complex, high-tech designs that need to be more and more robust and powerful as the demand for energy increases. In addition, turbomachinery parts need to be resistant and reliable – even at temperatures beyond the melting point.

3D metal printing (DMLS) offers the right technological foundations for implementing an optimized cooling strategy and meeting the challenges for 100% hydrogen fueled turbines. Parts can be designed and improved, enabling the integration of highly efficient in-wall cooling systems.  Innovative repair processes reduce costs and increase the sustainability of turbomachinery parts by building at worn areas directly on the original part.


  • Ilya Fedorov| Siemens Energy

  • Tobias Müller | E.ON

  • Jens Karnapp | EOS

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3 Key Messages We Will Answer


Accelerate Development


Improve Part Performance

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Optimize Maintenance